In 2021 I started the Taza de Amor (Cup of Love) program.
Every Friday I shop the greengrocers and butchers- Saturdays I cook-early Sunday I bake fresh bread. And then every Sunday noon I deliver a hearty meal to the poor, ill or elderly in our tiny mountain village in Veracruz, Mexico.
I fund the program. Generous souls have helped with the purchase of foodstuffs through PayPal ([email protected])

100% of donations buy fresh foods for the needy. A special thanks to all of our supporters, and to Mr. Jay Arthur Summerville who has believed in Taza de Amor from our very beginning.


Here are the kind souls that have helped feed the forgotten. Every single Sunday. Since 2021.
You are invited to join our journey to remember the ill and elderly- there is no donation too small! Thank you all

 Jay Arthur Summerville

Barbara Archer-Baldwin

Lynn Austin

Ricky Bastian

Jeffrey Bauer

Vickie Benton

Susan Berberich

Kellie Berger

Joseph Biebel

Dolores Bowlan


Shannon Caldwell

Jennie Carson

Perry Cheatham

Vicki Cichon

Jonelle Cochran

Kathy Detrano

Deborah Downing

Joy Eakin

Nancy Engleman

Patty Evans

Ben Griffin

April Grossruck

Michael Hahn

Julie Hall

Chenoa Haluptzok

Patricia Hazel

Jemma Jameson

Joyce Thompson Jones

June Jones

Marian Jones

Rene Keese

Heather Kooman

Mary Phelps Kukla

Lydia Cook-Vanlanding

Lynda Bacon Lawless

Mark Leisen

Yvette Saggio Luedde

Kelli McElligot


Marianne Moore

Leah Mussman

Lyle Mussman 

Winsome Myers

Sheila Nelson

Pat Hahn Normandy

Chastain Parks

Pam Patterson

Karen Peikert

Maelena Phillips

Margaret Quale

Buddy Ramos


Marci Sandler

Lynda Schlichting 

Beverly Schmidt

Wendi Smith

Debra Spangler

Jay Arthur Summerville

Teri Leigh Teed

Beate Brooks Tracy

Kim Whaley 

Michael Wheeler

Christine Whitaker

Phil Wilbarger