Paypal is the only payment option. 
To purchase,  click on REQUEST INVOICE and send me an email with the NAME of the PAINTING- I'll have Paypal send you an invoice with the total cost for you to review. 


Total packing and insured shipping anywhere in the continental USA is $14 for all 8x10 or smaller paintings (Australia add $8 please). Larger than 8x10 please add $4. Artworks are shipped, guaranteed (by me and by PAYPAL!), from Veracruz, Mexico, via the Mexican Postal Service in conjunction with the United States Postal Authorities. Travel times have been averaging about 3 weeks - but can exceed four weeks or more- two day delivery is available via Federal Express if you're in a hurry- ask for a price quotation for two day service. 


There are several shipping options for pastel paintings.
There is no additional cost for standard shipping for pastels - they are shipped in an acid free Clear Bag™  You can frame them yourself, however you may wish to a have a Michael's type store mat and frame them for you.
**RECOMMENDED: If you wish to frame them yourself you may want to consider having me send the painting mounted "Passé Partout"- this is the French method of mounting- it requires the glazing (plexiglass), artwork, and backing board to be sealed together. This produces an artwork-vacuum sandwich. Included are the glare-free UV Plexi glass covering, on top of art, with an acid free backing board, sealed with PH neutral framer's tape..

This method allows a "plug and play" way for you to enjoy your painting.. simply drop it in any frame...I HIGHLY recommend it!

Total material and labor costs for Passé Partout mounting adds $31 per painting to the shipping cost.

Certificate of Authenticity

All original paintings include a signed COA 


Note that sole copyright to the associated artworks and prints are fully retained by the artist. Any unauthorized reproduction or commercial use is in violation of U.S. copyright law. Purchase of an original painting or print DOES NOT transfer the copyrights. The artist John Robert Small reserves the right to create printed reproductions of his original works for sale.

Cup of Love

In 2021 I started the Taza de Amor (Cup of Love) program. 

Every Friday I shop the greengrocers and butchers- Saturdays I cook-early Sunday I bake fresh bread. And then every Sunday noon I deliver a hearty meal to the poor, ill or elderly in our tiny mountain village in Veracruz, Mexico.  Cup of Love has provided hearty, healthy meals every single Sunday since 2021.


I fund the program. Generous souls have helped with the purchase of foodstuffs through Buy Me a Coffee. 


100% of Coffee Cup donations buy fresh foods for the needy. A special thanks to all of the Hall of Fame members of Cup of Love, and Mr. Jay Arthur Summerville who has provided continued financial support.   

If you'd like to share the love, please consider buying us a cup of coffee! One single cup of coffee will help feed TWO people next Sunday! Thank you.